Effective, Inexpensive Home Security Tips

Even if you rent your accommodation or live in a gated community, home security should be a major consideration.

Owning a home is a milestone for most, but the responsibility that comes with it means you are liable for absolutely everything that occurs in your home. It makes sense to take appropriate measures to secure your home.

There are a range of effective home security systems on the market to suit your requirements.

However, if you are not in a position to spend lots of money on home security systems, there are plenty of practical ways in which you can spruce up the security.

Here are few inexpensive home security ideas, which will help to protect your home from robbery and theft.

Install adequate lighting

Install adequate lighting at every entrance to your home. The least expensive and often most effective solution are motion sensor activated lights which can be purchased from most hardware or departmental stores. These motion activated lights can be easily set to cover a fairly large spread of area outside your home.

Use good lock systems

Never forget to lock up your home, even if you go out for a short time. Choose tried and tested door lock systems and always change your locks whenever you move into a new home. Locking your windows is also extremely important, because burglars often simply walk through unlocked doors or windows.

Plant rose bushes or cactus in front of vulnerable windows

In addition to adding beauty to your home, thorny bushes provide an extra dimension of security to your home. Windows are the second most common way for burglars to break into homes. Even if you have good locking systems on your windows, this specific home security tip can make all the difference in deterring or ensnaring strangers.

Get a dog!

Dogs are an excellent way of deterring burglars. Even a small dog can keep intruders at bay, provided it is alert and barks loudly. However, ensure that your dog has obedience training as well as attack training so that it doubles up as a loving house pet and watchdog.

Alarm systems, good fencing and joining a neighborhood watch also help to provide effective security for your home. Keep all of these things in your mind to ensure your home provides optimum safety and security.


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