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select the right kind of home safe

How to Select the Right Kind of Home Safe?

Why does one need a home safe when there are safety vaults available in the banks – because, not everything can be kept in a bank locker! There are certain items which have high sentimental value, while some items having practical usage like tax return papers can be kept in the home safe. The question […]

tips on choosing the right smoke detector

5 Tips on Choosing the Right Smoke Detector

Residential fires can be quite hazardous, if not outright fatal. Each year, a large number of people die from household fire and a few more are killed from carbon monoxide choking, the gas is thus also known as the silent killer. However, you can avoid a fire accident in your home and keep your family […]

home security systems

Latest Home Security Systems and their Benefits

Home security has definitely become the top most priority these days. Whether you live in a villa or a small house, your house is at a risk of theft and unwanted access. Thus it is important to opt for a good home security system which can offer you protection and security. A good home security […]

ways to escape a locked room

The Best 5 Ways to Escape a Locked Room

Challenging and uncommon problems are a common part of human life and this might be encountered by anybody and anytime. Hence, it is essential that you are prepared for it. One such problem that may be faced by you is getting yourself in a locked room. This could be by the knob getting locked all […]


4 Simple, Inexpensive Ways to Protect Your Home from Intruders

According to statistics, a home invasion happens every 14.4 seconds. This is an astonishing statistic. Many people consider their home to be their biggest asset. Considering the amount of energy, time, and money that are invested by homeowners when acquiring their home, it is no surprise that security is a top priority for them. Securing […]

smoke alarms

5 Easy Steps to Fireproof Your Home

Keeping self and your family safe should always be your first priority. Some natural disasters could turn out to be big disasters and these could happen at any time and bring irreparable losses to lives. Fire is in fact a major danger, which in turn causes major accidents and loss of property. For this sake […]


IP Surveillance Cameras – Facts, Uses, Types and Myths

Technology and innovation have had an incredibly fast and constant growth, revolutionizing the way we manage our lives and even our security. The evolution of security systems, play a huge part in the way we monitor our businesses and even our own home security. There are so many areas that require an additional set of […]

make your home warm and welcoming

A Great Way to Make your Home Warm and Welcoming

When doing the interior design of your home you will want every single room to have a warm and welcoming feel to it, and this is both for yourself and also for any guests that you have over to visit. The home needs to be a space in which you can completely feel at ease […]

child safety

4 Ways To ProtectYour Home: Vital Safety Tips

Every year, scores of people move into their dream house and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having their own little corner to call home. Unfortunately, dreams can turn quickly to tragedy when disasters strike and cause extensive damage to property – if not posing a risk to life. But a little preparation […]

Top 10 Home Insurance Providers in the USA

Top 10 Home Insurance Providers in the USA

The insurance market is flooded with home insurance providers. Finding one that has clear terms and conditions and good customer service is like trying to light a lamp in the hurricane. We have tried to make this task of finding a home insurance provider easier by listing out the top10 home insurance providers in the […]