The Dreamy Bed For A Dreamy Fairytale Sleep

Luxury, sophistication and a promise for amazing experience – this is all that Mathieu Lehanneur is offering. The famous designer, which items are praised as the best, when it comes to interior design is now revealing its latest line – Once Upon a Dream.

It sound a bit like a fairytale and this is not far from the truth, because the majestic and sensual design of this bed is now so popular, that even the biggest hotel chains are going to purchase it for their VIP apartments.

The bed is designed for the luxury brand of Veuve Clicquot and the whole story behind is not accidental. Barbe-Nicole Clicquot Ponsardin had sleep problems and for that she is called a notorious insomniac. Nothing seemed to help.

This is why the designer produced a dream bed, which combines comfort, elegance and a magical feeling. The special line of Once Upon a Dream will be displayed in Hotel de Marc at Rheims, where only few lucky people will sleep in this super innovative bed.

The designer himself is claiming that the bed has the perfect shape for sleep and its capsule installation is based on a psychological studies used in sleep treatment hospitals. The amazing space of the bed will surely leave you breathless, wondering isn’t it a typical fairytale bed.


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