How To Have Fun Organizing And Freshening The Look Of Your Bathroom, Kitchen Or Home Office?

Are you lacking in the organizational department? Does your bathroom look like you have seven roommates and it’s just you that lives there?

Does your home office look like work isn’t the only thing you do in there and desperately need a complete do-over?

home officeOr maybe you just need a little hint as to how to quickly and cheaply freshen up a boring room. Here are some ideas to making, organizing and decorating on a budget fun and functional.

Take an old planting pot and clean it out. Wash it entirely and dry it. Get some paint from your local fabric store or hardware store (doesn’t have to be wall paint could be paint you use for pottery or scrapbooking) in fun and fresh colors. Have fun painting your pot! Use it for your home office to keep pens or use it in your kitchen to hold utensils.

Use a banker’s box for a filing drawer for all your personal documents. You can get a bankers box anywhere. Have fun decorating it. Or you could buy a plastic filing cabinet for under $10 at any office supply store.

Separate your bills from your tax returns and any other personal documentation you have. Get it out of the ‘junk drawer’ in your kitchen and into your new filing cabinet.

home office decorUse a container for all of your make-up and make-up accessories. Stop dumping your mascara and Q-tips on your bathroom sink or dresser and start putting them into your new make-up container. An idea for a container could be Tupperware that you decorate as well.

Another idea is to paint any wood furniture you may have. You can paint the cupboards in your kitchen did you know that? You can also paint the vanity in your bathroom if you are bored with it.

If you have a standard wooden dresser and vanity, consider painting them a completely different color to freshen up the look of your bedroom.

Adding a wainscot to your bathroom is a great way to improve the look for little to no money. A wainscot is when there is a line across the middle of the wall also referred to as a chair rail. I recently put an olive green chair rail in my bathroom which has beige walls and it completely changed the look and feel of my bathroom.


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