From Bedroom to Boudoir

All of these freezing cold winter days make us yearn for the comforting warmth of the bedroom. A sanctuary to retreat to, the bedroom is the hub of the home and it is one room that you really need to make your own.

The bedroom isn’t only used to sleep in, it is also a place to relax, unwind and free yourself from the stresses of everyday life. This is why you need to make 2014 the year you convert your bedroom to a sumptuous boudoir. Here’s how you can do it:

from bedroom to boudoir

Plush Fabrics

To truly escape form the stresses and strains, you need to begin to think of your bedroom as a form of sanctuary. Although it obviously needs to remain functional, it should also be aesthetically pleasing, drawing in all of your senses. Bedrooms that mirror your personality are encouraged, and you have a licence to have fun with the designs.

Whether you want bold, vibrant colours or something a little more balanced and neutral, there’s an option for you, but you should look to incorporate velvet and other plush textures. These are calming to touch and, as well as looking good, they should help you get a good night’s sleep.

Make the Bed the Centrepiece

This sounds obvious, but the bed really does need to be the centrepiece and, as a result, you really should opt for the largest one you can feasibly accommodate. People falsely assume that beds cannot be beautiful, but this is far from the case.

In fact, beds can be both functional and beautiful; especially if you free yourself from the bounds of traditional bed frames. If you go for a lavish, luxury option from somewhere like the French Bedroom Company, you can have a bed that really becomes the stylish focal point of the room.

Serene Styling

Remember that relaxation and sleep should always be the focus of the room and, as much as you style it, the room still needs to be functional. For this reason, you need to consider well-designed storage solutions that will leave you both clutter and stress free. Any boudoir should look immaculate, so look at storage ideas that will lead to a life of tranquillity.

Likewise, calming and neutral colours as well as soft furnishings should really make your new boudoir appear calm and tranquil. So, with this in mind, isn’t it time you started upgrading your bedroom to an inescapable boudoir?

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