A Living Room Concept Matching Classic Lines And Modern Design

In case you want to decorate your living room, there are a lot of ideas how to do it in style. There is a German designer, which will surely help you in all the decisions you have about the design and the whole vision of your space.

You should consider the Stefan Diez’s first plywood chair “Houdini”. The designer had a huge success at Milan Fair and even achieved an award for his “Houdini”. Nowadays the German magician is releasing a second version of his innovative chair.

This time the “Bess” and “Bessy” collection can be easily called impressive, because of the super vision and comfort it is providing.

The both chairs are with the basic construction of the well known Houdini, but this time they are suggesting new features and a lot more sophisticated look.

They are made of flexible oak-veneered plywood. The seats are soft and stable, while the vision transforms the whole room into an oasis of art and modern style.


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