Ten Essentials of Every Bedroom

Your bedroom is the place that you retire for the day. It has to be luxurious and a place that relaxes you and helps you be ready for a new day. The décor in your bedroom has to be visually appealing and stimulating enough to prepare you to face the challenges of the day.

Here is a list of ten things you absolutely need to have in your bedroom.

essentials of every bedroomA Bedside Table

This is an essential feature of your bedroom, as here you may keep all that you need handy once you are in bed. Your bedside table may have a carafe of water, a plant, some good reading material that you can leaf through before your daily shut eye and a lamp. Avoid keeping family photographs on the bedside table as they may trigger off memories that are best left untouched at bedtime. You may balance out the furniture in your bedroom by adding two bedside tables instead of one. Place them on either side of the bed.

A Rug

If the first thing you touch with your feet in the morning when you open your eyes is the cold floor, then you cannot expect the day to give you warmth. Place a soft sumptuous rug on the floor where you will get off the bed and feel the luxurious softness on your feet as you start off a new day.


The pillows you place on the bed should be enough to make your bed look inviting enough and not too many that you need to take 5 minutes to make place for yourself amongst them.

A Place to Sit other than the Bed

Your bedroom is not only for sleeping. Therefore, you need some place to sit on where you can sit and write emails, or have a talk with your partner, or even read.

Pictures to Soothe you

Although family pictures are not advisable for a bedroom, it always helps to have a few tasteful drawings and paintings around your bedroom that will soothe you.

An area free of Techies

Bedroom is for relaxing. The presence of your laptop, IPhone or even the TV can disrupt peaceful sleep. Make your bedroom tech free.

A Comfortable Mattress

Nothing beats the comfort of a carefully chosen mattress. Take into account the support that the new mattress will provide to your back before investing in it.

Pretty and Classy Bedclothes

You cannot do with tacky bedclothes as the bedroom is the place you get rid of all the stress. Invest in good quality bedclothes in colours of your choice. Remember to coordinate it with the theme in your room.


The curtains in your bedroom need to be chosen carefully. A sheer curtain will make the room too bright and uncomfortable for the eyes. On the other hand a curtain that is too heavy will darken the room and not allow in any sunshine. Fr a better effect, use a combination of sheer and heavy curtains.

A Collection of your Favourite Things

You may have some knick knacks or a thoughtful gift from someone special that always brings a smile to you. Keep these things in your bedroom to add on the warm glow of happy self-satisfaction.


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