Your Mattress Can Make or Break Your Sleep

For many, climbing into bed at night is one of the best parts of the day. Others don‘t agree, especially if they know they will be uncomfortable and unable to sleep. For the latter, it is often their choice of mattress that causes these issues. Experts agree that your mattress can ‘make or break’ a good nights sleep. If you’re one of the millions who regularly has trouble sleeping, consider these factors:

  •  the age of your mattress
  •  the construction of your mattress

mattress can make or break your sleepThe Age of your Mattress

When you initially purchased your mattress the salesperson probably gave you spiel as to how long the bed would last. Typically it is between 15 and 20 years for most mattresses. So, if you’re sleeping on a mattress that’s outdated then your mattress is certainly not performing as it was intended to, even if you don’t realise it.

On the other hand, you may be fully aware of the issue every time you roll over and have a spring stick you in the back. You may also notice that your mattress sags toward the centre, or that your feet are slightly higher than your head. These are all signs that your mattress is worn out and it’s time to replace it. Bed SOS has a huge range of quality mattresses to choose from.

The Construction of your Mattress

Excluding the water bed mattress, there are mainly three types that dominate today’s market – the coil-spring, foam, and adjustable air mattresses. The coil-spring mattress is by far the most popular, consisting of a mattress and box spring.

They offer great durability, adequate support, and a fairly reasonable price in most cases. However, some people complain that coil-spring mattresses create pressure points which can cause back and joint pain.

Foam mattresses are extremely popular amongst individuals suffering from back and hip pain. Foam can be one of three kinds: natural latex, synthetic latex, or memory foam. Both forms of latex are very similar in terms of their comfort, durability, and feel, so the only reason for choosing natural latex over synthetic would probably be a desire to have a “green” mattress.

Memory foam is a completely synthetic material, developed by NASA scientists in the 1970s, and is used for mattresses, furniture, and other applications. has a huge range of foam mattresses, and traditional coil sprung mattresses.

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