The Fashionable Rugs Of A 1000 Tales

When the way we think an interior decoration makes us choose a beige rug for a splendid living room the new trends may for sure save us a lot of trouble. Normally after the rules of decoration the rug must be spot of color and the beige does not frame into the range of strong colors with personality.

The modern designs state that the rug will not be something common but it will become the center piece of a room by the texture used and the patterns present on the design.


The modern trend of the rugs in neutral colors is complimenting the introduction of new elements of interior design, a more spectacular texture and the presence of surprising color spots.


On the neutral areas the color is creating a very interesting surface. The strong colors next to beige, grey, straw yellow and cream are able to frame the exact message a room with personality may want to share with the viewer.


Recently the new trends in rugs bring color stratification in combination with fine and smooth textures. Since this combination seems to focus on the peoples need to avoid the fuss, the excessive care in avoiding the dust, the new stylish rugs promise to stay one for a while.

The patterns applied or weaved in presenting flowers, organic shapes, geometrical lines, spectacular arabesque or seductive shades or shadows , smart and sophisticated but also extremely fashionable.

The new waving techniques brought on the fashion market new designs with upside down textures, curls, low cut or short cut, curves and incredible patterns all oriented to create the best impression there is.


These types of rugs are completely changing the public perception over what a rug means and what role can it play inside an apartment. The texture coming into attention can turn the rug into a key piece of decoration, original and full of personality by its own nature the spirit of a smartly decorated room.

Source : Designer Rugs


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