Paint Your Wall With The Nature’s Beautiful Face

How ever urbane or sophisticated a person may become, it is quite difficult to cut their umbilical cord to nature. Man is always attempting at ways to bring nature closer. Sometimes nature herself and when that is not possible some imitation of her that brings her into the homes.

Wall tattoos or decals were in vogue a few years ago and then the interest waned in them. Now they are back! These beautiful decals bring nature with all her elegance right into the living spaces. The delicate and intricate designs are very urbane and chic.

Available in a wide range, one gets to choose decals in different colors, motifs and sizes. May be you prefer a single wine creeping down from the kitchen ceiling or may be something to set off the bed headboard how about a full wall mural depicting a distant sunset.

Do remember to choose a color scheme that goes well with the décor or better still choose a decal you love and then set up the color scheme of the room accordingly. The decals are available not just in motifs depicting nature, but also in various themes like pop, sports, animals, people, kids and others.

Source: homedit


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