Plaything As A Room Decoration Piece

Wish I was a kid all over again and throw a tantrum for my very own hopscotch rug! This realistic rug from A/R Studio, an Italian design time, takes one right back to their childhood. It harks back to a time when kids playing hopscotch in their driveway or even on the sidewalk was a common sight.

The color and the design on the rug are so realistic that it looks just like the uneven chalk lines one drew on asphalt. It’s the perfect rug for your child’s bedroom or better still for your own bedroom. The rug sure does tug at the strings of the child within you.

The rug is made of pure Argentinean wool pile and treated to recreate the asphalt look. It is available in grey and brown colors. The chalk marks have been recreated in cream using the same fine wool. The look is created with the help of hard twist wool. It uses the gahbe dyeing techniques. It has a pure cotton backing and requires spot cleaning in case of stains. The designers recommend the use of a rug saver.

The hopscotch rug seems to remind us that our kids can no longer have the carefree life we had. They can no longer play hopscotch on the streets so we must get them these rugs to play indoors.


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