Make Your Home A Comfort Zone

Physical structure may provide the foundation for a perfect home, but it is the furniture and decorative elements like flooring, furniture and lighting that add the mood and desired style of choice.

As dreamy as it sounds, furnishing an empty house can be a daunting task.

Though owning a house is a valuable asset, the intrinsic value is in the atmosphere you create to make it a home.

Here are a few basic tips to make your home a comfort zone:

Select your style

The commercial range of home furnishing themes is vast: from cottage and Victorian to classic and Mediterranean, the options for modern home owners are endless. Scout around, get brochures and all the information you can on the choices available, and select a basic theme that suits your comfort level and taste.

Choose Colors

When deciding on colors to furnish your house, keep the style of your house in mind and start with a basic neutral. Once you have made your basic choice, complement it with contrasting colors to bring it alive.

Consider space

Work around the space available to you. Even if your home covers a small area, you can still create the look you want for your home if you use your imagination. If your room is large, create several sitting areas. An old farm bench with pillows of different fabrics and styles add a dramatic touch to a cozy, hospitable spot for guests.

Customize furniture

Don’t choose a particular style of furniture just because it is in vogue. Think about the overall style, space and budget before making any selections. Focus on comfort and taste and marry the two elements to create a personalized environment.

Soften Lighting

Lighting is important for any house design. Select an array of different styles of soft lighting systems and lamps to create a warm, soft ambience in your home. Be careful of central lights which cast harsh shadows and reduce the charm created with soft lighting.

Another basic consideration to offset the comfort element of your home is flooring. Always remember, your home should reflect your personality, taste and preferences. While starting out with an empty shell can seem like a daunting task, once you are sure of your likes and dislikes, selecting furnishing can be an exciting and rewarding adventure.


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