Sharp Air Purifiers To Filter Air Up To 99.97%

air purifiersLiving in concrete jungles; very little around us is pure. From water to air, everything bears the effects of pollution, which is why we need to filter everything, including air.

Besides polluting the environment, the effects of industrialization have made inhalation of impure air dangerous for your health, which is why Sharp has invented special devices to clear impure elements in the air.

Called KC-C100U and KC-C150Y, these air purifiers have triple filtration system, plasma cluster technology and humidification functions which trap dust, odors, pollens and increase fresh humidifying air in the room.

These air purifiers have true HEPA filters with anti-bacterial coating. They trap 99.97% of particles which provide fresh air. Working very quietly, these air purifiers are energy-efficient and have elegant designs to match your home style.

While the KC-C100U is better for small rooms up to 254 square feet in area, the KC-C150Y is more powerful and can handle up to 347 square feet in area.

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