Light As A Feather But Also Trendy Chairs By LYTA

LTYA armchair is designed by Ronen Kadushin.

Modern homes today require modern furniture. Recently, the famous home designer Ronan Kadushin has created his latest piece and that is the LTYA armchair.

The well known German manufacturer, Movisi has commissioned Kadushin for this project.

If you love redecorating your living room, you would surely love this armchair because it only weighs around 15kg. You can easily move around the furniture from one place to another.

If you have an elderly person living at home, then moving the chair for them is not that tough. They can easily lift or carry the chair.

Aside from the weight another noticeable thing with LTYA is its cushioning. It fits perfectly to the chair. You can easily remove cushions and cover for washing. Another method of cleaning the chair is steam cleaning it.

In case there is something wrong with its parts, don’t worry because they are replaceable. You don’t need to purchase an entirely new armchair. The frame is made from Expanded Polypropylene. If you love the nature, then this chair can be recycled.

This can perfectly fit in any theme of your home because the designs vary. If you would be shopping for an armchair that can complete your living room then check out this LTYA from Movisi.

Source :  Decodir


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