No More Hassle Because Spinning Power Outlet Accepts Any Plug

spinning-power-outletWhen at home or traveling to another country, it is frustrating when a person pulls out either their laptop, cell phone or any other electronic device and try to plug it in to charge and realize they can’t.

Particularly when traveling to other countries, the outlets are different. Shapes, size and two are three prongs vary and this little outlet was invented to end these problems.

The outlet has three outlets with an array of various outlets used around the world.

If a person has electronics that require different outlets from different countries, this outlet is ideal because you can plug in electronics from 3 different countries requiring three different types of outlets without hassle.

All that needs to be done is to spin the outlet until the desired one is found and plug in the gadget.

These outlets would be particularly ideal if they were used in hotels and perhaps even restaurants that receive a lot of travelers from all over world. These travelers could relax a little easier knowing that the outlets in the hotel could charge the gadgets they have from other countries.

There is no definitive word on price, when or if this will be released or whether any hotel chains are displaying interest or not. However, many hotels pride themselves on ensuring the people who stay with them have a comfortable and virtually hassle-free stay, so it’s likely only a matter of time before hotels start to consider using these outlets.

They would be very helpful to individuals constantly on the moving about from country to country who need to charge or hook up their gadgets.

Source : Gadget Venue


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