A Jeans Curtain Could Be Trendy And Original

jeans curtainThe curtains are the soul of the room, therefore add some different atmosphere and do something unusual. In case you have old denim jeans, which you don’t want to throw, simply transform them into a curtain.

You will need pieces of denim, scissors, sewing machine and curtain rod for hanging. Cut the denim into pieces, but make sure they are with the same size. Measure the right size, which will match your windows.

Don’t make too long curtains, go for the middle size, they are always better, especially with some denim motifs on them.

You can cut them into squares or different geometrical figures. Lay the pieces on the floor so to see the configuration and then pin and sew them. Form the rows and sew them together.

You can also use different denim pieces; this will add contrast to your curtain. Another good and creative tip is to use different fabrics, this way your curtain will look extravagant and unusual.

If you want to add even more style to your curtains, simply add other fabrics and combine them with the denim. Keep the pockets of the jeans and place them on the curtain.

Also add the buttons of your jeans, for they are giving a different look to your curtain.


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