Funky Futon Styles – Part 1

Futons are not just a practical space saver that performs the twin functions of sofa and bed; nor are they something that are for use only in college dorms. Well designed, unique funky futons can also be a style statement, an interesting design element for your living space.

This one is your basic metal futon frame; an inexpensive, no fuss, no frills, low maintenance item of furniture. An attractive and convenient option that offers seating during the day and folds down flat to reveal a bed at night or whenever required.

This is a standard two fold futon frame made from wood slats; a popular choice with its clean and uncluttered lines. Uncomplicated to use, it has not hand or arm rests so there is no bumping heads or legs into them when sleeping.

Whereas the earlier image was that of a two fold futon, this one is a three fold or tri fold futon that fold up to an even more compact size when there is no requirement for a bed. This is an excellent option for a cramped college dorm; solid yet compact and versatile.

This stylish and elegant style can become a chaise if you lower just one side of it, and becomes a single bed to stretch out on when you fold down both sides. This one is a real space saver offering options of a bed, a chaise or a lounger and a seat for two.


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