Give Your Bedroom a Makeover

Although you might say that your bedroom isn’t very important because you spend little time in it, the truth is that the general feel of the room influences the quality of the time you spend in there. In case you aren’t happy with the current feel, it might be time to give it a makeover.


In case you are thinking in terms of color, you may want to consider contrasting colors. For example, you could have white walls and white ceiling matched with black bed frame and a black side table. If all white is not your thing, you might like having one of the walls painted dark navy.

Give Your Bedroom a Makeover

Rustic modern

Having pine planks is something you can really work with. Just apply a coat of primer that will let the grain show through. As the headboard you may use wood rescued from a bank and add a dhurrie rug that will soften the overall look of the room.

Guest bedroom

While some people go above and beyond when it comes to the guest bedroom, others prefer to keep it simple. In case you have a little space left in your home office, it might be just enough to tuck in a smaller bed that the guests could use. Delimitate the space with the help of curtains.

Neutral palette

If you use only one color palette and you stick to the colors, you will be able to mix the bedding from different sources. Make sure that you only use bright colors like white, off-white and light beige, nude, and cream. All this will add light to the room, making it look larger than it really is.


In case you would like to have a luxurious headboard, but you simply can’t afford it, you might want to use wallcovering that looks like a headboard. Complete the look of the bedroom with the help of linens with matching tones and graphic prints.

Going bold

It might be a good idea to place the bed between two sunny windows. As a side table you should get a bureau and add wallpaper to it so that it will have a bolder look; consider blue wallpaper. The linen should have a subtle pattern and it is best to go for Roman shades. Keep everything in the grey-blue color palette.

The options are unlimited; the only limits that you have is your budget and available space.


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