Spray Painting Vs Brush Painting in House Exterior

Spray painting is a method of painting by an airless sprayer. Spraying, is an amazing way to get the entire wall painted in no time but this method has certain drawbacks as well. Brush painting as the name suggests is painting with a brush; it takes longer time and there are many techniques to bring out different types of painting styles. There are certain merits and demerits to spray painting and brush painting as well.

spray painting Vs brush painting in house exterior

Merits of Spray Painting

  • Quick method – It is a very fast method of painting.
  • Reaches crevices easily – The coating percolates into fissures easily.
  • Even application – An even thick coating is achieved after a single application, thus reducing a number of coats of paint and as a result, paint is saved.
  • Slick finish – A smooth look is achieved devoid of any roller marks.

Demerits of Spray Painting

Elaborate Preparation and After Clean Up

Intricate surface preparation is a pre requisite in this method. As it is a messy technique, after clean up is also very tiring.

Uneven Coverage (Sometimes Too Thick)

This method entails an uneven finish of the surface. The smooth, lustrous look is not achieved.

Poor Adhesion of Paint

This technique results in poor adhesion of paint to the surface giving it a patchy look.

Challenging Technique

Only an expert can carry out spray painting with perfection. This type of painting can in fact become very challenging for a novice. This method cannot be carried out on a windy day.

Brush painting is the age old method of painting with a brush. This technique of painting also has some positive and negative aspects.

Merits of Brush Painting

  • Excellent grip and command over the brush – This method can be used by amateur painters. It is quite easy to get control over the brush.
  • Good adhesion – This painting technique results in very good adhesion giving that perfect finish.
  • Uniform coverage – This results in even coverage of the surface with no patches or blotchy marks.
  • Reaching inaccessible areas – By this method of painting, crevices and corners can be reached easily than by spray painting.

Demerits of Brush Painting

  • Laborious- It is a very exhausting painting technique.
  • Increase in the number of coats – It requires more amount of paint. It may need 2 or more coats of paint.
  • Brush or roller marks– Painting by this method can leave brush or roller marks and thus making the work untidy.
  • Time consuming – It takes a very long time as the amount of paint applied on the surface at a time depends on how much a brush can hold at a time. Hence it is a lengthy method of painting.

Thus considering both the techniques, each have its share of pros and cons and you can select wither one of them or in combination, depending upon your requirement as well as preferences.


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