Choosing the Right Bed for your interior

The size, style and functionality of a bed can be an important factor in deciding what to buy. For instance larger bed frames will look better in a larger room. If the decor of your bedroom is traditional then you’ll want to go with a wood finished frame and if you often find yourself struggling with space then a divan may be the best option for you.

A bed is often the focal point of a bedroom so making sure it suits your current and future needs is important.

Bed Sizes Matter

Although the difference in inches between double, queen and super king size beds may not at first seem substantial, it can have a very real impact on the overall look and feel of a room. It may be possible to fit a king sized bed into a small room, but it can lead to limited space and mobility. Double bed sizes are commonly 54 inches in width and are usually the best option for smaller rooms.

Queen sized beds come in at 6 inches wider than a double and if your bedroom is a bit bigger this can be much needed width for you and your partner.

The behemoth that is a super king size bed is perfect for those bedrooms that have plenty of space to spare. At 12 inches wider than a queen sized bed frame you’ll feel the difference in space every time you go to sleep.King size beds from Carpetright

Be careful to take note of what mattress size you are buying and that this size will match up well with your new bed frame. Some mattresses specifically suit a certain type of bed to give the best possible performance.


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