Colorful Napkins For A Stylish Coffee Table

A stylish home longs for a spot of color and so does an elegant table setting.

Our mothers had the wonderful habit of dressing up their coffee and lunch table with the most beautiful napkins that use to wow their guests. Nowadays, the trend is totally back and that is why it is a good idea to add your home a drop of color and style using lovely napkins.

colorful napkins 1

Red flower napkins by Kerry Cassill and Saragossa napkin created by John Robshaw Textiles will for sure add a flower power touch to your table while Florentine marbleized napkin designed by Dransfield & Ross together with the blue scalloped napkin, the work of Julian Mejia Design will make your table look as glamorous as a fashion catwalk.

colorful napkins 2

Purple is in trend this season so feel free to add this color to your table with Color-block napkin – the creation of Sferra and the Cargese napkins made by Libeco Home.

colorful napkins 3

If you are a patterns fan there are quite a few cool options to choose from starting with the oriental Damask napkin by Ful Studio, the green labyrinth from Quadrille napkin created by Harvey & Strait or you could stay traditional with Multicheck napkin created by Julian Mejia Design.


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