The Amish Furniture Tradition – What’s It All About?

The Amish and their religious beliefs decree that they live a very simple, traditional life in the manner that ignores modern conveniences, preferring to live off the land.

Principally agricultural societies, the Amish still use horse drawn carriages and very few, if any electrical appliances. Plain and modest in dress, they live lives largely isolated from the mainstream.

One of the few professions other than tilling of land for agriculture that the Amish practice is that of furniture making. The fact that they still make furniture largely in a non mechanized manner makes this furniture very prized in the modern milieu.

Assembly line furniture that uses particle board is common in modern times but the Amish still make furniture the old fashioned way with each piece being made by an individual; each item being hand crafted to a large extent.

The methods that are used by the Amish today are the same that were used by their forefathers a hundred years ago. Much of the furniture, with the clean uncluttered lines, timeless elegance, and classic designs also has the same appeal.

Furniture making traditions such as the Shaker style, the Mission Style, Cottage and Queen Anne are still used by the Amish to produce some very high quality furniture.

Photo Credit: chefjenkins


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