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Fancy Backyard Look

Retaining Walls for Fancy Backyard Look

Well-planned backyards are a source of pride. Those with enough space love to have kitchen gardens or landscaped areas. Many may opt for raised gardens in the backyard. Whatever be the use, retaining walls can add a lot of charm to the backyard. It is a-must -need if the backyard is thought to become a […]

Color Brightly

Dare and Color Brightly the Smallest Spaces

Color is one of the most important aspects of décor. The right colors can make a mediocre design look good and the wrong colors can destroy the best of designs. As a rule, dark colors were never used in smaller spaces, but the design truth is far from it. Bright colors can actually make a […]

Classy Vintage Look

How to Make a Plain Table Look Classy Vintage?

I might say that there is no greater art than to take something simple and to turn it into something fabulous. The majority of people don’t really give a lot of thought to the tables that they have around the house, but if they did they would realize that their majority could be turned into […]

Monthly Storage Ideas

How to Manage Efficient Monthly Storage

Storage is always a problem in the house and there are always some items that don’t seem to fit anywhere. It might be a good idea to pick a storage project for every weekend, or to make all the projects at the end of the month. Start with creating your home office. You could create […]

Backyard Retreat

Enjoying Summer Evenings in a Backyard Retreat

The best thing about having a backyard is that you have the possibility to create a backyard retreat. Think about bright colors, exotic plants, stucco walls and you shouldn’t forget about the oversized umbrella either for a finishing touch. This is the perfect location to spend quiet evenings and to entertain the guests. When thinking […]

Decorating Homes

Decorating Tricks from the Classy Decorating World

In the moment when we decorate our homes it’s all about making ourselves feel more comfortable in the place where we probably spend a lot of time. The whole process shouldn’t be about obeying rules but following our hearts. Although this might sound really nice in theory, all of us know the feeling when you […]

Smartest DIY Fix

The Smartest DIY Fix for the Little Things at Home

If you have a house, you can be sure that things will go wrong from time to time, but if this happens, you shouldn’t panic: there are some repairs that you can do on your own, without having to spend too much money. In case a tile happens to break, the first thing that you […]


Rise in Green Building Trends for 2011

Green architecture is one way to support an environmentally friendly and environmentally conscious lifestyle. Going green helps our society in shifting towards a healthy environment and shows us new ways to save our mother Earth. The green building trend has now taken a hold across the whole world in the past few years, and it […]

Paoli Kindle

Contemporary Furniture Trends from Paoli Suitable for Your Home Office

How you choose furniture for your home office has a lot to say about you because getting the right home office furniture is completely different from buying furniture for your home. Anyone who has spent a lot of time in the office knows how choosing the right kind of furniture can affect your productivity. As […]

Home Bar

Your Very Own Bar – A Stylish Note for Your Décor

Having a bar at home is a fun addition and it offers you the possibility to host parties on special occasions and also to have some friends over and have some drinks in style. Although making a home bar seems to be a difficult project, it is quite easy to do and it doesn’t have […]