Decorating Tricks from the Classy Decorating World

In the moment when we decorate our homes it’s all about making ourselves feel more comfortable in the place where we probably spend a lot of time. The whole process shouldn’t be about obeying rules but following our hearts.

Although this might sound really nice in theory, all of us know the feeling when you install something new in your home an instead of delight and joy you feel just disappointment. In order to avoid such situations, there are some techniques that have been proven to be working in the majority of the situations.

Decorating HomesOne of these techniques is really obvious if you come to think of it. According to professionals the best way to display magazines and books is to pile them on coffee tables or bookcases.

In case you would like your furniture to stand out, then you should make sure that they aren’t overshadowed by the color of the walls. It is better to opt for a subdued color palette to achieve the black canvas effect.

In the same time colors might be also used to change the perception of the room. For instance a light, cool color will create the feeling that the room in question is larger than it is in reality.

You could use a light blue for this purpose. On the other hand, in case you would like to achieve a warm and cozy feeling, you should opt for the warmer colors, like orange or brown.

There is one situation when the rule is to break the rules: if you would like to achieve an eclectic look. These situations are asking for a mixture of different styles when it comes to furniture.

Patterns and art styles should also be mixed, but there is need for something to remain constant in order to make the room become a whole. You might choose the paint color to offer coherency to the room.

In case your home has a specific style, you should work with it, rather than against it. For example in case you are trying to force a modern look on an old house, all you will achieve is chaos like style.

There is one common mistake made by numerous people. Many house owners mount the pendant light over the dining table too high. According to professionals the right distance is between 400 and 800 millimeters above the table.

You should ask the electrician to hold the pendant until you sit at the table to see which would be the perfect height. You should be able to converse at the table without having to look around the pendant.

To achieve a classy style there shouldn’t be many patterns in one room. It is enough to have one or maximum two main patterns. In case the cushions or the ottoman has a pattern, it might be a good idea to keep the rest of the items simple and unpatterned.

In case you have to work with a small room, you can consider using large scale furniture to make it look larger.


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