Contemporary Furniture Trends from Paoli Suitable for Your Home Office

How you choose furniture for your home office has a lot to say about you because getting the right home office furniture is completely different from buying furniture for your home. Anyone who has spent a lot of time in the office knows how choosing the right kind of furniture can affect your productivity.

As you will probably spend a lot of time in this place, the home office furniture should be comfortable enough to support the long working hours. It should also speak some thing about your personality.

You should always put special thoughts while selecting your furniture such as chairs, desks and other such items so that they will impress even your guests and visitors.

For this, you have to consider a variety of factors and also evaluate what tasks are to be accomplished here and if the furniture supports you for the same.

In addition, you need to check if the furniture provides you adequate support and adjustability which are of utmost considerations while selecting home office furniture.

Here, we explore some of the latest trends in the office furniture from Paoli which are as well suitable for your home office. The company unveiled a series of its newest creation at the recent NeoCon 2011 merchandise mart in Chicago.

Paoli Kindle

This desk which is perfectly suitable for the home office is from Paoli’s Kindle – laminate series comprising of cool design features. The series is also budget-sensitive and is sure to improve the overall appearance of your home interiors.

Paoli Revolve

This reconfigurable wood desk in cherry and maple is from Revolve Series. It is also available in all-wood models, laminate top models and laminate top and chassis models.

Paoli Mingle

This mixed material contemporary desk from Mingle Series is ideal for private office and collaborative applications. It has layered surfaces and provides access for state of art technology and wire management.


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