Enjoying Summer Evenings in a Backyard Retreat

The best thing about having a backyard is that you have the possibility to create a backyard retreat. Think about bright colors, exotic plants, stucco walls and you shouldn’t forget about the oversized umbrella either for a finishing touch. This is the perfect location to spend quiet evenings and to entertain the guests.

When thinking about your backyard retreat, it might be a good idea to place a dining table between the seating and the cooking area. This is both functional and it separates the two areas.

Backyard RetreatOpt for a long dining table that offers enough space to have a dining party. If you would like to have a tropical vibe, consider the turquoise concrete that resembles water.

Such open spaces like the patio allow you to play a bit with different shapes. You could be thinking about the curving wall of the patio or add some decorative elements, like pillows that have a nice pattern. The rug could also have a role to play in the overall look of the retreat.

Think about those rugs that come with stripes. If you would like to add an Asian feeling to the patio, you could also add some paper lanterns, which also have a round shape.

The patio could become something more than just some space for entertainment: you could make it fully functional. Outdoor amenities are the perfect way to ensure the highest level of entertainment.

You can have everything that you need in an outdoor kitchen, such as a grill, sink, refrigerator, and numerous counters. When building the outside kitchen, opt for those materials that are weather and insect resistant. Also add a UV sealer in the end for extra protection.

Consider adding limestone to the top of the counters that withstands freeze. It is possible that the counters don’t have overhead protection, so it might be useful to bend them a bit to make the water drain and not to end up with standing water.

The open space that you create in your backyard should be inviting and welcoming: be sure that there is comfortable seating, natural plantings, a fire pit, and also a place to prepare some food.

You should be able to move the food from the grill right to the table and make sure that you don’t stand in the way of guests so that they are able to socialize with each other at their will.


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