Rise in Green Building Trends for 2011

Green architecture is one way to support an environmentally friendly and environmentally conscious lifestyle. Going green helps our society in shifting towards a healthy environment and shows us new ways to save our mother Earth. The green building trend has now taken a hold across the whole world in the past few years, and it is surprisingly evolving swiftly toward a whole new level.

Earlier there were only a few green housing and industrial developments and reaping the green building benefits was thought to be the process of spending too much on green. Today, the green trend in sustainable development has reached to whole communities and neighborhoods.

Being energy efficient is the foremost thing in greening up new designs or greening an existing building as well. House owners, investors and builders should always consider the value of going green in order to search for new ways to improve the world through high-tech and environmentally conscious designs.

Listed here are some of the industrial and residential environmentally friendly architecture designs for 2011.

The Austonian, Austin, Texas, U.S.


The Austonian is the tallest residential building in Austin, Texas and is the first building that received the much popular Four Star rating by Austin Energy’s. This eco-friendly green design offers protection as well as conservation of the scarcely available resources which is considered as the key priority.

The National Museum of the Marine Corps, Quantico, Virginia, U.S.

National Museum of the Marine Corps

Rising towards a single point high in the sky, the exterior design of this green building certainly evokes the image of the flag raisers of Iwo Jima. The National Museum of the Marine Corps is a green monument that pays tribute to the history and values of United States Marine Corps. It has 120,000 square feet of museum gallery space, an orientation theater, office space, gift shop, two restaurants and a stunning green roof.

Iller Hydroelectric Plant, Kempten, Germany

Iller Hydroelectric Plant

Ever wonder why boring power plants are listed here? Believe it or not, the Iller Hydroelectric Plant in Kempten, Germany took home three architecture awards last year. The design of the plant is organic in form and the power station also includes a pedestrian and bike bridge across the Iller River.


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