The Smartest DIY Fix for the Little Things at Home

If you have a house, you can be sure that things will go wrong from time to time, but if this happens, you shouldn’t panic: there are some repairs that you can do on your own, without having to spend too much money.

In case a tile happens to break, the first thing that you have to do is to remove the grout around it with the help of a grout saw that you can find for a couple of dollars at every hardware store. Remove the entire tile that has been affected in case it already started to chip.

Smartest DIY FixIf about half of the tile is still intact, make a hole in with a masonry drill that will break the tile and remove the pieces from the center outwards. Get the new tile and glue it with and adhesive. In the end all you have to do is to apply the new grout to the edges.

If you have vinyl in the house, after a time it might get torn. In this case you should apply some silicone-base seam sealer that fills the tear and wipe the excess off with the help of a piece of dry cloth. Another solution that you may try in case of it is a no-wax floor and if the tear is small, rub soap bar sideways until the soap fills the cut.

You could be thinking that the soap will go away when you wash the vinyl, but unless you emerge it in water and brush the soap off, it will stay in place. Naturally the vinyl won’t be as good as new, but this is a good temporary solution for your problem.

It is common to have wood cabinets in the kitchen, and it is very likely for them to get scratched. To take care of the problem you should be looking for scratch fillers that look like brown pencils or crayons. Naturally you should be going for the shade that is closest to the shade of your cabinet.

Once you got it, you just have to rub it into the scratch. There is also another similar product, that is just like a felt-tip pen and there are several different shades of ink.

Another problem that could occur is to have a frozen icemaker. If this happens, no matter how crazy this may sound, it can be taken care of with the help of a well-aimed hair drier.


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