How to Manage Efficient Monthly Storage

Storage is always a problem in the house and there are always some items that don’t seem to fit anywhere. It might be a good idea to pick a storage project for every weekend, or to make all the projects at the end of the month.

Start with creating your home office. You could create a mail station that offers every family member a bin, box or slot. Also add a calendar to the wall that is easily seen by everybody and encourage the members of the family to take notes of the important events right on the calendar.

Monthly Storage IdeasThe desk drawers could also be reorganized, and it is a great idea to use dividers to achieve smaller bins. You shouldn’t have many items in the bins, and these could be labeled with post-its. Make sure that there is nothing in the drawer that you can’t use. Throw away all those utensils that can’t be used anymore.

Something similar should be done in the kitchen as well. Take a look at all of the pantry items and evaluate them. Throw away the expired items and give away those items that you haven’t used for a long time. Then put the items back on the shelves and label them.

You could double the capacity of the shelves through using freestanding wire shelves.

Before actually heading to the store, measure the cabinets or opt for expandable shelves. Riser-style inserts are also useful for the smaller items or for glassware.

The cabinet doors could also offer you some storage space. See whether there is any room left after you close the door, and in case there is, you could use it to store spices and other smaller objects. Use shallow shelves, pouches, racks, or magnetic and cork boards.

If you have some space around the stove, add a utensil bar or metal grid that could store five to eight frequently used utensils. Also think about adding a small wire basket to store salt, cooking spray, pepper and oil.

The living room could also be changed. It is a good idea to give every family member a bin or basket to hold the personal items. Label them with each person’s name, and it is also a useful idea to set as a rule to put books, magazines, toys and projects away every night.

For more storage space you could replace the old coffee tables with small chests.


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