Dare and Color Brightly the Smallest Spaces

Color is one of the most important aspects of décor. The right colors can make a mediocre design look good and the wrong colors can destroy the best of designs.

As a rule, dark colors were never used in smaller spaces, but the design truth is far from it. Bright colors can actually make a small space bigger and more spacious. It adds character to the view and can actually hide flaws and drawbacks.

Color BrightlyIn smaller homes and apartments, colors can be used to create the feeling of a larger space. Carry a particular color accent through all the areas that one can see at a stretch.

Maybe the kitchen and the living area open into the drawing room, in that case a common color or color combination running through the rooms will make them look like extensions of each other.

Small spaces in the corner can look bland in neutral shades. Judicious use of bright colors can turn a shapeless, bland space into a breathing vibrant space. If one has an open kitchen that is not too big, let the color flow in from the living or dining room into the kitchen to create a visual delight.

Color Brightly the Smaller SpacesWhen using neutral colors, using different tones of the color can provide depth and texture to a small confined space. This can be successfully tried in bathroom or small kitchens. The neutrals maintain the calmness of a space even as the darker or lighter shades add life.

It is quite safe to use more than one dark color, especially when covering large spaces like an uninterrupted wall. A single color on the wall can be quite flat but use of colors in layers will take away the focus from the wall and bring it towards other objects in the room.

If playing with colors on the walls is a little too bold for you, use colors as accents around the room. Choose your favorite color or combination of colors and add rugs, cushions, throw pillows and other such soft furnishings to bring in color into a neutral room.

When looking to add color in spaces like foyer or breakfast corners, go a little berserk with the choice of color as people don’t spend much time here and as a plus with smaller spaces you can choose the paint you always wanted.

Lighter colors will make the space look bigger whereas the use of warmer hues will bring in a warm and cozy feeling. Warm and cool colors too can be mixed together to create interesting silhouettes.

Bolder and brighter colors like sunshine yellow and vibrant red can help bring in a lot of cheer and sunshine into small confined spaces.


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