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Nursery Décor For A Comforting And Peaceful Environment

People see home decoration very similar to an entertaining but expensive game. Baby rooms are certainly a challenge since the decoration needs to be both beautiful and not quite permanent because the baby will soon outgrow it. This is why a mother has to consider certain aspects when she tends to get carried away and […]

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Small Bathrooms Call For Cute Design

Many consider the design of the bathroom as one of the biggest issues, when it comes to decorating. In case your bathroom is small, the issue looks like a real problem. Many designers are advising to take a look at the bathroom area, before starting anything. Simply go and feel the area. If your bath […]

skull house

Bizarre Architecture Or Buildings As A Piece Of Art

Sometimes a home is not a home so much as a piece of art. Or a building it is the way that it is … well, just because! Often there are buildings constructed simply to give free reign to the vision of the architect, or as a piece of symbolism or simply because nothing like […]

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Add An “Animal Side” To Your Home Décor

Unleash the wild animal within! Let it romp around the home, don’t leave anything untouched, be it the drawing, living room, bedroom or even the bathroom. Yes! Animal prints are in vogue. They are back and are the latest fashion rage. They are the flavor of the season and are visible in fashion ensembles and […]

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The Trend Says Go Green With Kitchen Appliances

The kitchen and the huge amount of time we spend in there is surely part of our way of consuming resources and living our life. The cooking, eating, food processing and storing is responsible for a large part of our carbon footprint on the world’s existence and kitchens are the places where we can make […]

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Bring Fall Into Your Lovely Home

Autumn is right around the corner and the beautiful colors of autumn should definitely find a place in your home décor. Here are a few aesthetic ways of bringing the nature into your home and making it look lovely. Sandy tones meet mild yellow. To some this may sound like a dull combination of colors, […]

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The Trendy Colors For Accessorizing Your Home

Decorating is all about the right details and elements. Therefore, here are few tips how to decorate your home in trend and with style. The recent tendencies include the so called mod-mocha trend. The trend is inspired by the chocolate, but this time not as a food but just as a luxury item. Chocolate and […]

walkin closet

Walk In Closet – The Dream Of Most Women Alive

Neat rails, shelves and drawers full of clothes and accessories exactly the way a woman wants them to be, are a dream. Each time, when most women open their closets, all they can do is to not groan looking at the loaded shelves and packed clothes’ rails. It can be quite frustrating to look at […]

30 Modern Sofa Designs To Spice Up Your Living Room

30 Modern Sofa Designs To Spice Up Your Living Room

Unusual Sofa designs, completely ready to redefine the concept of modern sofa.

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Want A Bookcase? Build Your Own

Building a bookcase isn’t difficult and doesn’t require any special skills. The experts are advising you to choose well the right wood. The most common wood is the birch veneer plywood, for it is perfect for this matter. Mahogany is also an option, for it costs less. The first step is to build the base. […]