Want A Bookcase? Build Your Own

Building a bookcase isn’t difficult and doesn’t require any special skills.

The experts are advising you to choose well the right wood. The most common wood is the birch veneer plywood, for it is perfect for this matter. Mahogany is also an option, for it costs less.

build a bookcase 1

The first step is to build the base. Do it out of 1x or 2x lumber. The depth also should be well measured. It has to be 1 1/2 to 2 in. less than the depth of the bookcase. Continue with the measuring as you consider the height that should be 1/8 taller than the baseboard molding.

Rip down the boards to the widths that are for the frame and the shelves. Use a circular saw, for it is easier to cut on the sheet.

The next step is to cut the legs, the shelves and the supports. Measure well the height of the space, where the bookcase will be located. Cut the legs to the measures of the ripped –down plywood.

build a bookcase 2

Don’t forget to measure the width in three places, in order to cut the shelves. Mark the width of the shelves and the supporting, in order to prepare them for the next step- attaching the supports to the legs.

Use glue and nail the supports to the legs, as you nail it in the four corners. The right nails are typically 3d nails.

Assemble the box as you make a hanging strip. The strip is needed because it will attach the bookcase to the wall.

Rip a 2 ½ inch-wide piece of plywood and cut it to a length, which is 1 ½ inches shorter than the shelves. Place the strip between the top supporters and drill tow pilot holes into the legs. After this, simply screw the hanging strip to the legs with special wood screws.

build a bookcase 3

The next step is to set the top of the bookcase on the supports and the hanging strip. Make sure it is solid enough and then glue and screw the top in place. Plumb the bookcase as you add shims, if it is needed.

Attach a kickboard, in case you want one. Go for ½ trim, in order to finish the sides and the top of your bookcase. Typically a trim can hang over the inside edge or simply can be flush. Cut the trim so to fit the top and glue and nail it in place.


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