Bizarre Architecture Or Buildings As A Piece Of Art

Sometimes a home is not a home so much as a piece of art. Or a building it is the way that it is … well, just because! Often there are buildings constructed simply to give free reign to the vision of the architect, or as a piece of symbolism or simply because nothing like it was ever made before!

We take a look at some amazing, wacky and downright bizarre creations that are so striking as to be memorable –

skull house

This is supposed to be a guest house; the Crazy Hang Nga Guesthouse Vietnam, which we found at the Art History Archive site. Now this one irresistibly brings to mind visions of the Skull House in Phantom comics that one used to read so avidly as a kid. Imagine anyone being very interested spending a night here? As to what the giraffe is doing there; is not quite clear!

upside down house

There are some pretty interesting examples of strange architecture here. But the most bizarre among them was this upside down house, which represents the Communist era and the state of the world. Supposedly some tourists even experience dizziness and nausea when walking through the structure. Notice how the curtains also seem upside down and it looks as though part of the foundation was also uprooted in casting the house on its head.

buildings in montreal canada

And one can find many more whacky buildings here.  This building in Montreal Canada can be specifically interesting because it looks like something that a toddler would haphazardly put together with some toy blocks. It was in fact created by architect Moshe Safdie, and was supposed to give the illusion of many different private/separate houses, but with the economic practicality of modern-day apartment complex construction.

Arounder is a site that gives travelers a sense of what a city has to offer: historical cathedrals and works of art, museums featuring famous artists, local cafes and stores, breathtaking mountain-top views, quiet parks and gardens.

They have virtual tours of many cities on earth and some virtual tours of the moon as well!  So if you are looking for inspiration – architectural and otherwise, then perhaps you can derive some from the marvelous buildings that man have managed to create – marvelous if not strictly beautiful, but certainly hugely original. And we can only salute the boundless imagination, the sheer flights of fancy that translate into wondrous architecture that we see all over the world.


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