Walk In Closet – The Dream Of Most Women Alive

Neat rails, shelves and drawers full of clothes and accessories exactly the way a woman wants them to be, are a dream. Each time, when most women open their closets, all they can do is to not groan looking at the loaded shelves and packed clothes’ rails. It can be quite frustrating to look at overflowing shelves and wonder where the exact dress or accessory that is needed for the evening is hidden.

Walk-ins can be such a boon. A walk in closet though practical is a luxurious indulgence in terms of both space and budget. A walk in closet is truly like a dream come true.

The latest modular walk-in-closets from Dedalo of IMA are a fantastic combination of wardrobes and lockers along with writing desks and library furniture. They work beautifully to make the most of bedroom spaces. In fact, the whole bedroom can be easily and aesthetically designed around these modular pieces. They are practical and very easy on the eye too.

walkin closet

Besides using modular walk in closets, one can opt for custom designed closets to suit one’s taste and needs. With many finishes and looks to choose from, designing and building the dream closet can be quite an interesting task at hand.

One of the main drawbacks of a walk in closet could be the lack of proper lighting or even the feeling of dullness in some.

These can be easily fixed with interesting accessories inside the walk in space. The simple addition of a big mirror on one of the walls can do wonders to the feeling of space and light inside the closet. The mirror needs to be placed such that it can reflect light from other areas to make the walk in closet look brighter. The glamour quotient of a walk in can be easily upgraded with the help of a matching chandelier and/or other lighting accessories.

walk in closet

Another very practical idea that can be easily incorporated in a walk-in is the interesting and multi purpose packing island. It not only provides a much needed flat surface but also has a couple of sets of drawers, valet rods and even a tie and belt rack, great to help keep the closet tidy and also to organize accessories.

walk in closets

So go ahead and dream at these great additions to a bedroom. Dream of the perfect walk in closet and who knows one day the dream may come true.


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