Small Bathrooms Call For Cute Design

Many consider the design of the bathroom as one of the biggest issues, when it comes to decorating. In case your bathroom is small, the issue looks like a real problem.

Many designers are advising to take a look at the bathroom area, before starting anything. Simply go and feel the area. If your bath is going to be very small, choose classical design.

bathroom designs 1

This bathroom looks spacious thanks to the right details, involved in the decorating process. Wood isn’t the common material, when it comes to bathrooms, but in this case the wood is a classy accent; therefore place some wooden accents in your bath. Mirrors are absolute must have, for they are creating more space.

Of course anyone would like to place a personal accent in their bathroom, so go for small details, that will turn your bathroom to unusual and yet, artistic place. Don’t play with colors, in case the area is small.

bathroom designs 2

Too many colors are a good idea, but not for small places. Choose two main colors and their shades and create a contrast. Typically the neutral palette is great for mini-bathroom.

Simple lines and furniture are also welcomed, because creating the simplicity means that you are creating comfort on little space. Here the only accents as the towels are contrastive in red.

In case you want your bathroom in a contemporary style, there are many options, but the so called retro futurism is the right style for any modern bathroom. Unusual and adventurous patterns are the perfect décor for a small bathroom.

bathroom designs 3

Choose the typical navy map accessories to beautify the area. Flowers are also welcomed, but choose all the furniture and the bathroom sets into one color shade. In this case, brown and light yellow make a contrastive and yet smooth ambiance.

Candles are also part of the décor, so you can place them near the mirror. Another good idea for decorating the small bathroom is to place the windows close to the ceiling. It creates some space. You can also place the toilet in an alcove.

bathroom designs 4

Another good decision, related to small bathroom is the geometrical lines. Place geometrical patterned ceilings or walls. It creates an illusion for space. The mirrored doors are also a very good idea, so go for mirrored doors with golden touch. White and golden are also appropriate and modern combination, when it comes to beautiful and modern baths.


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