Add An “Animal Side” To Your Home Décor

Unleash the wild animal within! Let it romp around the home, don’t leave anything untouched, be it the drawing, living room, bedroom or even the bathroom. Yes! Animal prints are in vogue.

They are back and are the latest fashion rage. They are the flavor of the season and are visible in fashion ensembles and accessories and now as a vital part of the home décor.

animal prints 1

Animal prints are being used in almost every aspect of home décor, rugs, upholstery, curtains, bed linen, accessories, stairs and even the bathroom.

With plenty of accessories to choose from you can either pick up a couple of them to highlight spaces or quite a few to give your home the wild feeling.

You can combine animal prints with almost everything and bring about your own unique aesthetic style. The animal prints can be used as accents or even as the mainstay of a room’s décor.

animal prints 2

This beautiful oversized rabbit rug has the leopard print hand stenciled all over it.

The rug seems to bring together all the other furnishings in the room. It is the dominant accessory and yet showcases the other pieces aesthetically. This enchanting living room is part of Tamara Melon’s abode.

Take a look at these entrance staircases; they are an invitation to the wild. Part of a Manhattan apartment, this leopard-print-stair-runner adds character to the otherwise humble stairs. As a matter of fact they bring in more life and elegance to them.

animal prints 3

There are many different prints you can choose from (naturally). Is it the tiger, zebra, rabbit, leopard, jaguar, deer or even antelope that catches your fantasy? Use them all over or may be just as a highlight.

One can look for unusual animal print accessories or the more popular ones like lampshades and wall hangings.

If you are bold and in the mood to experiment try to mix two or more different prints to bring about a unique look. Use them on the sofas, as runners, or even curtains in the living rooms.

animal prints 4

One of the very popular animal prints is the zebra print. Used extensively in dresses and fashion accessories like hats and handbags, it is a great print to bring into the bedroom too.

Bedspreads and other bed linens in the stark black and white look quite sumptuous.

Let the wild side take over the home this fall. Rediscover the passion of animal prints and use it in unusual ways to add panache to your home.


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