Nursery Décor For A Comforting And Peaceful Environment

People see home decoration very similar to an entertaining but expensive game. Baby rooms are certainly a challenge since the decoration needs to be both beautiful and not quite permanent because the baby will soon outgrow it.

This is why a mother has to consider certain aspects when she tends to get carried away and overdue certain aspects from the décor of the little one’s room.

nursery decor 1

It is common sense to want the nursery to look delicate and dedicated to accommodate the sweet nature of your baby. It is natural also to get the best of comfort for the little one.

As colors go the most important, it is best to choose the nuances that would make a baby feel natural and sleep in a warm looking environment.

Take lavender for example. The color surely fits both a boy and a girl and the combination with white adds a bright touch to the whole décor.

nursery decor 2

The crib and the practical changing table can add a drop of vintage to the decoration and the light paint makes a wonderful contrast with the basic color further lighting the room. If you are an old school mommy and you like to experiment, walls in light paint and furniture in dark colors are the right choice.

nursery decor 3Add details like embroidery and slices of color in cushions, blankets and curtains and you will create a boho chic décor for your newborn. The chic furniture and original flooring and rug are details worthy of attention.

Patterns and stars but also baby blue are distinctively the mark of a boy’s baby room. Soft mahogany wood is perfect for the base color and the small pieces of fabric hanging on the wall are making it look even cuter.

It is true that patterns make the room spectacular but they are even more beautiful as the walls and the flooring are in warm nuances like cream and cocoa butter.

For the romantic mommy who would want to raise a romantic baby the nursery would have to look very much like this. The beautiful painted iron crib with a tall mattress is quite spectacular.

Also the delicate touch of light passing through the large window makes all the wonderful details like the patterned rug and tapestry armchair stand out even more.


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