The Trend Says Go Green With Kitchen Appliances

The kitchen and the huge amount of time we spend in there is surely part of our way of consuming resources and living our life.

The cooking, eating, food processing and storing is responsible for a large part of our carbon footprint on the world’s existence and kitchens are the places where we can make a difference.

The dishwasher is an invention that every woman is thankful for but choosing a class A + of energy one will make sure you consume less water and the time of dishwashing is reduced as is the energy consumption.

green kitchen appliances 1

Using second hand kitchen gear, like kitchen appliances, kitchen furniture and dishes can save you a lot of cash. It may not be the latest trend but with the recession and all a garage sale can help you replace your china bowls or kitchen table.

Second hand appliances shops might as well get you a coffee machine on a discount price, a stove that had its oven door repaired, a fridge that was abandoned by its previous owner for no particular reason or a sink that simply was no longer in trend.

Copper is lighter than iron and copper enamel pots are surely more enduring. Copper is the new vintage touch in the kitchen, it is easy to clean and very enduring even if continually used.

green kitchen appliances 2

Using stainless steel items from pots and pans to kitchen appliances surfaces changes the perspective on the maintenance. The stainless steel might be slightly expensive but lasts longer so you won’t have to replace the items very often.

Clay dishes are perfect for oven and microwave. They are a lot sturdier than plastic and a lot more enduring. Cooking in them is the new cooking trend and the food resulted is mighty delicious.

Bamboo is surely the new trend as kitchen wood objects go. It is true that it is also more expensive but it is a lot sturdier than soft wood, stains less or harder and can be reused for many years.

The recycled and recyclable materials are a sure asset for a kitchen that wants to be green. Use kitchen gear that can be recycled and avoid plastic. Use cups and glasses made of recycled glass and recycle them when they break.

Keep in mind that with a bit of imagination you can have a greener but also a trendy looking kitchen.


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