What Exactly Makes a Kitchen Island the Best?

The kitchen is the soul of any home. So in case you are going to decorate your kitchen, start with the kitchen island.

Many people face problems with the functionality of the kitchen islands. A kitchen island is a beautiful way to combine all the kitchen settings in one, but the idea behind such an island isn’t to beautify the kitchen.

It is actually meant to create a functional and easy to access kitchen. Here are few tips that can help you choose the best kitchen island.

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This is actually the very best from a kitchen island.  Look for an island that can improve the efficiency in your kitchen, instead of a beautiful one that doesn’t offer functionality.

Any housewife would prefer a kitchen island that adds workspace. The best kitchen islands are those that offer sink, cook top, warming drawers, dishwasher, refrigerator and storage space.

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They should be placed as room dividers, especially if you are living in a small flat. If you are looking for a functional kitchen island that should be placed in a little room, then you need to find a kitchen island that offers a space for some counter stools and can be turned into a breakfast spot.

The most preferable shapes, when it comes to kitchen islands are the U-shape and the L-shape. They are desirable, for they look as a center of the kitchen and usually have the capacity to be used for many purposes.

In case you yearn for a lavish Kitchen Island, the black granite kitchen islands are the best. They add a sophisticated atmosphere, especially if the kitchen island is big enough.

Usually the marble L-shaped kitchen islands are the best for homes in contemporary design. They provide enough space for eating and preparation work.

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Another important thing is to leave at least 42 inches of walk space on all sides of the island; otherwise your kitchen will become too small for anything else. In case your kitchen`s work areas are placed on opposite walls, you can’t install any kitchen island.

The countertop of your island is the next thing you should be concerned about. Always go for heat-resistant countertops – stone, metal or tile. The counter width should be designed according to the size of your stools or chairs.

Don’t forget the colors, especially if your kitchen is in an unusual palette. The red U-shaped marble kitchen islands are in vogue of late, but they can be installed only in homes with vintage design. White is the universal color.


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