Top Tips to Kitting Out The Perfect Kitchen

The kitchen – it’s the place where you rustle up gourmet delights like you were a less sweary Gordon Ramsay. You measure ingredients precisely, grill them to perfection and lightly drizzle a homemade sauce over your duck or lamb or potato dauphinoiseas though you were agrandmaster iron chef being stroked by King Midas.

Failing that, you just bung a ready meal in the microwave and wait until it looks vaguely edible.

No matter where you stand on the culinary spectrum, one fact remains – your kitchen is at the center of your mealtimes, and you need to kit it out appropriately.

Here are a few ways to make your kitchen practical, spacious and,most importantly, like a home.

Find the finest flooring

Your kitchen flooring suffers wear and tear like no other part of your home. Just imagine it – all that hot food and crumbs bouncing onto your surfaces, getting ground up when you inevitably step on it.

It’s the exact reason why carpeting is an awful idea for your kitchen. Instead, vie for hardwood flooring or linoleum to make ground-in dirt easier to scrub. After that, dot a few kitchen mats around those stain hotspots to catch any grime before it infests your cooking space.

kitting out the perfect kitchen

Apply yourself to good appliances

A poor craftsman always blames his tools, claims that old, vaguely smug, proverb. But what if his tools are actually rubbish? What if, for instance, your toaster functions better as a bread freezer? Or, what if your hob is lightly tickling your luscious steak instead of cooking it?

What you need is some new appliances. Chances are, the better quality you buy, the more durable and effective your cooking tools will be. So, go above basic brands and try to find quality appliances to up your cooking game.

Don’t be crummy with your cupboard space

Everyone has suffered that faintly comical fate when they’ve packed too much into their kitchen cupboards, only for their contents to come crashing down on you.

Or, at least, it’s a fate that befalls people who don’t buy enough cupboard space.

Without enough room in your kitchen for your food, appliances and utensils, your cooking area will look like a teeming, over-brimming mess, like some haddocks and a swordfish tried to cram their way into a sardine tin.

So, make your cupboards as spacious and well laid-out as you can to avoid an accident in the future.

You can never beat the basics

Like any other industry, the kitchen appliance trade is always coming up with new, increasingly intricate ways for you to fry, grill, baste, blend, coif and fluff your food. But, in reality, you don’t need most of these gadgets and gizmos. It’s more likely that you’ll buy one, use it once and then leave it to gather dust.

Instead, stick to the basics and make them high-quality. That way, you’ll be able to create fantastic meals and not have to rely on pointless doodads.

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