Open vs. Closed Kitchen – What is your Choice?

For a long time kitchen has been just a work space which was tucked in some corner of the house. Now the scenario has completely changed. It has become the heart and the entire house revolves around it. So it has become very important that the layout of your kitchen is suitable for you and your family.

It may be a closed or open concept kitchen based on your preference and style of working. Some of you like the kitchen design to be open and some like it private with the walls around. Here are some facts about both the types of kitchen which is sure to help you to select one for yourself.

open vs. closed kitchen what is your choice

All About Open Kitchen:

The modern nuclear families prefer the open kitchen concept as the kitchen is considered an integral part of the house. It basically highlights the shift from a formal to a casual lifestyle where you are not secluded rather can participate in all other activities happening in the home. Moreover, you and your kitchen becomes the centre of the house. You are able to do multitasking with this open kitchen layout. Below given are some more benefits associated with having an open kitchen:

  • It helps in bonding. The family is in touch all the time and you never feel secluded. You can enjoy your time with your family and also complete cooking at the same time. It is the demand of modern life as you really have very less time to spend with our family due to hectic schedule.
  • It makes your home look more spacious mainly in today’s modestly sized homes.
  • Removing of wall brings in more daylight.
  • You can make your guests feel intimate and relaxed by facilitating conversation while cooking. It brings a very cosy ambience in the home.

All About Closed Kitchen:

Generally people consider that closed kitchens are a thing of the past and such kitchens are mainly for cooking and storing unwanted stuffs. There is no space for entertainment in a closed kitchen and so people started preferring open kitchen to make the kitchen a part of the house. Now again the trend is changing. Closed, no longer means claustrophobic. People once again have started to understand the benefits of having a closed kitchen and below given ate few of them:

  • Closed kitchen keeps the smell of cooking from flowing throughout the home, which is not always welcoming. The cooking odours remain confined.
  • Mess created during cooking are hidden and gives a neat look to your living room as the guests cannot see inside the kitchen.
  • Guests hardly tend to enter your closed kitchen and thus you are never in a chaotic or embarrassing situation in front of them and thus can do your work at your own pace and comfort.
  • It offers a formal dining experience which is quite impossible with the open one as such layout makes everything very informal.
  • You can get more storage facilities as more walls are sure to give more cabinets.

The greatest drawback of a closed kitchen is its isolation and that of the open kitchen is the mess which is created during cooking. Thus now when you know the pros and cons of both the styles, you can make a choice depending upon your home style and your requirements.


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