Home Interiors 2011 – Bold Colors Are In

In case you are going to decorate your home, start with the colors. Here are the color trends for 2011 that may help you choosing the right color for your home.

lime green

Forget the neutral color palette and concentrate on the bright and bold colors. This will refresh your home and create a different atmosphere. For instance, if your home is in country style, add some fresh air by painting the walls in lime green. This is a zesty youthful color, which can literately turn your home into a green oasis.

The so called smoke trend is all about the modern elephant gray color. It is also the color of the smoke as it adds some sophisticated atmosphere.

In case you are bored from the white walls in your living room, play with the colors. You can choose smoke walls and soft blue furniture. This is the trendiest combination of the year.

smoke color

If you are looking for a color in the bedroom, the fern green color is perhaps the right one. It is also the color of the corals and aqua’s, so don’t hesitate to paint the walls in this peaceful and yet, very deep color.

Surely the trend for the year is painting walls in hot pink. This aggressive and moody color is said to be too bright to be used for walls, but this year this trend has changed.

Go for hot pink walls, in case you want to create modern and yet classy atmosphere at home. Create a contrast by adding white or black furniture, this way the walls in hot pink will sparkle in new nuances. One of the hot picks of the year is the combination of unusual paint colors. For instance, go for grey trim, lavender walls and pink ceilings.

hot pink walls

Add some silver accents and dark lacquered ebonized hardwood. The result will be a modern and yet very vintage room, which will differ with its bright spirit. The eco esthetic trend is another fashionable decision that includes the combination of smooth blue, elephant gray, tender pink and delicate brown.

Go for these paints, in case you are living in an apartment. This will give you a natural look and amazing atmosphere of color harmony.


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