How to Organize Your Kitchen?

A clutter in the kitchen and everything in disorder is terribly frustrating for a cook. A well-organized kitchen is highly essential for cooking with peace and expertise.

1. Handle mugs

Instead of keeping the mugs in kitchen cabinets hang them by their handles from hooks on the kitchen wall.

2. Arrange the utensils

Arrange the utensils properly according to their use to make the kitchen more organized. Keep the different types of knives together. Keep the ladles, spatulas, and spoons together and so on.

How to Organize Your Kitchen?

3. Use kitchen risers

Risers are steel racks that are slightly raised. Keep them in a corner of the kitchen cabinet. Keep a utensil underneath and another one above the riser to save space in the kitchen by accommodating two in place of one.

4. Use wickerwork baskets

Keep the fresh fruits and vegetables in wickerwork baskets if you do not have enough space in the kitchen cupboard.

5. Keep the measuring tools in one place

Nothing’s worse than searching frantically for the measuring cup when you are about to bake a birthday cake. Save time and make the kitchen more organized by keeping the measuring cups and containers together.

6. Sticky labels

Stick a label on every jar and container in the kitchen. This makes it very easy and convenient for every cook while using your kitchen. Take a sticky note, write the name of the spice or powder, say for instance “Red chilli powder” and paste it on the container containing it.

Label every frozen food that is in the refrigerator for convenience and clinical organization.

7. A towel rack for pots and pans

Attach a towel rack with hooks at one of the sides of the cabinet and hang a few saucepans and handle pots and mugs from the hooks. This keeps them within convenient reach and makes the work at kitchen more organized.

8. Side space of kitchen cabinets

Use the side space of the kitchen cupboards and cabinets as a makeshift magazine rack and stash away your favourite recipes there.

9. The steel cart on wheels

This is one useful cart on wheels to prevent the pantry from getting overflowed with food supplies. Store the excess items in a cart and wheel it out of sight till the guests have left for the day.

10. Use the cupboard door

Utilize the doors of the kitchen cabinet. Attach a couple of hooks to the doors and hang all the dishrags, scrubbers and wipers there to keep them within easy reach and out of sight.

11. Stow away the appliances

Do not clutter the kitchen table or the raised platform with the mixer grinder or sandwich maker and other heavy-duty electric appliances used in the kitchen. Keep them in the kitchen cabinet to save space and make your kitchen more organized. Take them out only when you need them.

12. Fit drawers into your cabinet

Fit the kitchen cabinets with drawers for maximum utilization of available space. A stack of drawers makes up for the lack of space in the cabinet.

13. Maintain two separate waste bins

Maintain two separate bins for waste disposal, one organic and the other inorganic. Dump the waste food, vegetable and fruit peels and other biodegradable waste in the organic waste bin. Dispose the non-biodegradable waste like food packets, paper etc. in the inorganic bin. This makes your waste disposal from your kitchen highly organized.


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