Ideas For Decorating Your Home With A Beach House Theme

beach houseWhether you own a home at the beach or just wish you did, decorating with a nautical or beach theme is a bright and cheery way to design the interior of your home [Home interior decoration].

We have some ideas that will get your mind wrapped around the sun and sand of the sea.

  • Beachcombing Bounty: If you live near to the coast you can comb the beach for treasures from the sea such as sand dollars, shells and starfish. If you aren’t near the ocean you can find bags of shells at a local craft or discount store. With a little bit of glue you can decorate boxes, frames or mirrors with them.
  • Fill ‘er Up- While you are at the beach fill up some containers, glass jars, etc. with sand. You can add shells and any other bounty you have from your beachcombing. Again, if you don’t live by the sea you can find sand in many colors at a toy store or craft shop near you.
  • Candlelight– You can find a variety of scented candles that have nautical shapes and scents. You can scatter them about your home for a nice ocean ambience.
  • Shell Shaped Soaps– Soaps come in all shapes, sizes, colors and themes. You can find a variety of nautically themed soaps with which you can decorate your bathroom [Bathroom decoration]. Place them in a large clam shell for a really authentic look.
  • Dune grass and Stalks of Bamboo– If you can find artificial dune grasses and real stalks of bamboo you can place them strategically in vases around the home.
  • The Color Scheme- Foamy greens, mellow blues and hues of pink can bring to mind a sunset at the sea. You can use these colors for your linens and curtains. [Interior colors]
  • Sea Glass– Sea glass mosaics will really bring the ocean into your home as they sparkle in the sunlight.
  • Utilize Wicker Furniture– Wicker furniture is another way to bring the beach to your home. With nautically inspired cushions, this will really add to the overall effect.

You don’t have to live at the beach to feel like you are at the beach. There are many ideas you can put to good use that will have you feeling as if you are right along the shore. Think of how rested and relaxed you will feel each day, you feel you are near the ocean.


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