3 Best Colors For 3 Rooms In Your Home

livingroomThe color of a room can certainly affect the feelings, moods and thoughts of a person.

Certain colors work best in certain rooms and this is important to know before deciding on a color.

Choose a suitable color for each part of your home.

Living room

Green is an appropriate color for your living room as it is usually the first room everyone sees upon entering your home and is where friends and guests are entertained.

The color green symbolizes peace and tranquility. A special effort should be made to create a harmonious environment and positive welcoming feeling.


Lavender is a very appropriate color for your bedroom, as it is the most calm and soothing room in your home. It is the primary place of relaxation and everyone retires to take a good sleep and refresh, away from worries. Lavender gives the room a mood of comfort and relaxation.

Dining room

Orange is an appropriate color for your dining room as it is a place of delicate social interactions. It is a place where you have breakfast, lunch and dinner and this color stimulates the appetite and aids in digestion.


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