Revive and Renew Old Furniture

modern furnitureOld furniture will never go out of style. Some of this furniture has lasted throughout the years.

If old furniture could talk, it could probably tell some strange tales. You will find that old furniture is usually made out of real wood and can be very heavy when lifted. These pieces of furniture are sturdy.

They have taken the abuse of many years of use, and are still standing. More modern furniture is made out of pressed board and other materials and won’t stand the test of time. There are several ways to enhance old furniture and bring it back to life.


Sometimes all an old piece of furniture needs is a new coat of paint. There are several techniques of stripping the old paint or varnish off of an old piece of furniture. One choice is to use a chemical wood stripper.

Some of these strippers can be toxic so take all safety measures. Make sure you wear rubber gloves so you won’t get the substance on your hands. Use protective glasses to keep the wood stripper and paint chips out of your eyes.

Also you will want to wear a mask for the fumes that can come from the stripper. Once you have got your piece of old furniture stripped and dried you will be able to paint it any color you want. If colored furniture is not your style then you can use varnish on it for that wood look.


Stenciling old furniture can give it a fantastic look. Of course you will want to give your piece of furniture a fresh coat of color before stenciling. Stencils come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. You can even make your own stencils to match your home’s interior decoration.

Keeping the Old Look

You might want your old furniture to just look old. To help it look even older you can put crackle paint on it. It will make your furniture look like its paint is cracked and peeling therefore giving it a very old and weathered look.

Blackboard Furniture

Why not take an old piece of furniture and spray it with blackboard paint? This is a good idea for a kid’s room. They are able to actually write on the furniture with chalk. It can detour children from writing on their bedroom walls, and it is great fun for kids. [Kid’s room decoration]


An old table will come back to life with the look of collage. Decide on a theme for your furniture. Glue pictures in this theme down on the top of the table in the order you want them to go. Make sure you let this dry completely.

The last step is to put several coats of polyurethane varnish on top of the pictures. Let dry again and you will have an unusual, beautiful table.

Enhancing old furniture can be a lot of fun. There are so many choices when it comes to reviving furniture. You will feel like an aspiring artist when you get done.


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