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polka dots kids room decor ideas

6 Smart and Simple Polka Dots Kids Room Decor Ideas

Polka dots have been into fashion since long, be it for garments, home decor, prints for various needs etc. This is a pattern that consists of an array of colourful circles that are filled with single colours. During its initial usage, the dots were seen in equal size and spaced closely at regular intervals to […]

wish to go green with home decorating

Wish to Go Green with Home Decorating – Know the Best Tips and Suggestions

When it comes to being eco-friendly, the idea isn’t only limited to the natural environment or outdoor spaces. One can also follow eco-friendly tips at home. There are many ways to go green within the walls of your own homes and one of the ways to do so is to consider green home decoration. There […]

money-saving tips for home decoration

Brilliant Money-Saving Tips for Home Decoration

When one thinks of home decoration, the first thing that crosses the minds of most is the expense. While it is true that there is no limit to spending when it comes to decorating your home, there are also many inexpensive and money-saving ways in which you can turn your home into an a living […]

benefits of pure wool as an ideal rug material

Benefits of Pure Wool as an Ideal Rug Material

It has been a long tradition of using wool as a possible floor covering material. Its structure and the fact that it is natural makes it an ideal rug material and very well suited for placing it on top of other types of floor coverings as well. Not only does it provides an unparalleled authenticity […]

design a perfect subtly sexy bedroom

How to Design a Perfect Subtly Sexy Bedroom

If you wish to make your bedroom look subtly sexy you do not need to search for an interior designer; you can do it yourself by playing with some colors, alluring décor items and other ecstatic designing. Here are some ways mentioned below which would be helpful.   To design a subtly sexy bedroom special […]

Integrating Topiaries in Outside and Inside Décor

Integrating Topiaries in Outside and Inside Décor

In case you are considering a touch of elegance when using plants for home décor, topiaries are the ideal choice to make a difference. They are the touch that will make every house stand out, no matter if they are used indoors or outdoors. Regardless the season, they preserve their beautiful foliage. Welcoming Style The […]

Curtain Fabric & Finials in Window Décor

Window décor is fast catching up as a quick fix way to instill freshness to your interiors. And what better way than curtain fabric and finials to achieve this. Here are some tips on how to dress your windows right. Size of the room The color and texture of the curtain fabric should be your first priority […]

Vintage Style Home Decor Ideas

Vintage Style Home Decor Ideas

People are often looking for vintage style home décor ideas especially because the vintage items make them feel comfortable. You can find such items at flea markets but it is also possible that you have some family hand-me-downs that you would like to use. Vintage Chandelier Not everybody is lucky enough to get a chandelier as a […]

How You Can Pull Off a Modern Beach Home Décor

How You Can Pull Off a Modern Beach Home Décor

There is a lot that the modern beach home décor can do for your beach house. You could consider vintage furnishings, a lily-pad theme and decorative floor painting. The main point is to bring the house to a new life, to have colors and to make yourself feel good in your home. The color palette One of […]

Retro Home Decor Fabric – Things to Know about It

Retro Home Decor Fabric – Things to Know about It

The best thing about the retro home décor fabric is that you can fit it to just any era of home décor style. It doesn’t really matter whether you look for Art Deco or mid-century modern style, the manufacturers have a collection of retro fabrics for each period. In many cases these fabrics are exact reproductions of […]