How To Make Beautiful Cloth Napkins With Your Favorite Fabrics?

cloth napkinsIt is easy to make your own cloth napkins.

You can make them any size you’d like such as 12”, 14” or 16” squares. You can match your own napkins to your home interior decoration or for any occasion.

You can even give a set of 4 as a gift for someone special.

For every four napkins you plan to make, you will need one yard of fabric.

Steps to Making Cloth Napkins

  • Wash the fabric you’ve chosen and iron it
  • Make a pattern for the napkins out of materials such as cardboard or poster board.  The template should be a square. You want it to be at least ½ larger than you want your finished napkin. For instance, if you are making 14” napkins, make the template 14 ½”.
  • Put the template on the side of the fabric that will not be showing. Trace with a marking pen for fabric or use fabric chalk.
  • Each fabric edge should be pressed to under ¼ of an inch.
  • Once again press the edge
  • Place pins perpendicular to the fabric edge. If you have a sewing machine, use it to stitch the hem of the napkin. Each time you get to a corner, lift the foot presser of the sewing machine and rotate the fabric so that the line of stitching stays straight. While you reposition the fabric allow the needle to stay inserted.

Now that you have made your own napkins you may want to try some new ways of folding them. A table that is specially set with napkins made by your own hand or machine is something to celebrate.

Scarf Fold

This can be either a casual or formal napkin fold. Lay the napkin flat and grab the center. Hold the center and allow the points to fall into folds. Make sure your napkin ring is ready.

Insert the napkin into the ring and arrange the folds to the way you’d like to see them. There are a variety of ways you can fold napkins so that they compliment your table.

You can find other methods either online or by visiting a local library or bookstore for more information on the different techniques to create napkins that will be as much remembered as the meal they are served with and your guests will appreciate the effort and time you have spent.


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