Add Color To Your House With Wall Decorations

If you think there’s nothing else you can do to turn your dull walls into something fabulous, think again. That’s exactly why there are wall decorations.

In your own unique and artistic way, you can come up with wonderful wall decorations that you can be proud of or buy those which are perfect for your home.

You don’t need to be an expert since wall decorating is something you can do on your own.

Walls should not be ignored for they add life and beauty to your home. And since it is your house, there are no rules to be followed except for the basic principles of art when choosing wall decorations. Wall decorating is something fun and enjoyable which you can do with other members of the household.

The run-down of wall decorations

You should try these great ideas for a superb result. For an easier wall decorating, think ahead the theme of your home so the wall decorations will not clash with the other furniture in your sweet home.

1. Paintings

    If you go to other people’s house, you will see that paintings are always present in the walls. Whether it is a creation of a famous artist or something you bought in a house furniture shop, a painting can brighten your dull walls in the house.

    Common paintings you will see are sunsets and seascapes. Even abstract paintings are attractive in a plain wall. [wall painting]

    2. Mirrors

      There are many styles and sizes of mirrors to choose from. They look good and refreshing to the eyes and a practical choice as well. You will usually find mirrors as wall decorations in comfort rooms and bedrooms.

      4. Wallpapers

        One of the preferred choices for wall decorations is wallpapers. They don’t cost you much but they can make sudden positive changes in your walls based on the colors and designs that you choose. It is also more practical than painting the walls since wallpapers are easy to place and remove.

        5. Quilts

          An alternative for wallpapers are quilts. Framed quilts look unique on your walls. A simple but stylish fabric can be very attractive to the eyes.

          6. Shelves and Borders

            These types of wall decorations are perfect for any wall surface. They are also more convenient since aside from being wall decorations, they are very useful since they hold the books and keep your magazines and other references organized.

            7. Plant or flower wall decorations

              Putting plants or flowers to your walls creates positive vibes. The good aura they exude is very relaxing and refreshing. You can use ferns, spider plants, or silk flowers. Use your creativity here to mix and match the plants and flowers ideal for your walls.

              8. Lighting

                Lighting is a kind of wall decorations that is very useful and artistic. It brightens the area as well as giving an effect that is satisfying to the senses. You can play up different colored lights to your walls to highlight a particular spot in the room.

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