Wall Paint For An Original House

You have decided: your house needs a new look; on the inside and probably on the outside too. Let us start with the inside. One thing you can do is change the furniture (or, if you want to take the cheap way around things, at least change the way it is displayed).

While you are at it, you can also do some finishing and by that improve the windows and doors and maybe even the floors and, of course, the walls.

Oh …but what to do with the walls? You could paint them in the same color, or maybe change it, make the green yellow and the red blue but still… would it not look as boring as it did before?

Won’t you get bored of it in a matter of days? In this particular matter, the interior design stylists have a very precious advice to give you: use stickers with your favorite landscapes or works of art to give the walls in your house a plus of personality and make them look way less boring than they ever were before.

The examples we have studied include a view of the ocean right in front of a desk, wonderfully relaxing and soothing for the mind at work; a painted interior of a medieval castle on top of the stairs, a starry sky on the ceiling of a bedroom and a piece of a tropical forest on the walls of a bathroom. Now if these are not great ideas for an original wall decoration you can always use your own to make your walls a work of art.

Source: homedit


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